The Genesee Chorale presents “Eclipse: A Choral Experience”

Pavilion High School 7014 Big Tree Road, Pavilion, United States

Ric Jones <> Sun, Apr 21, 7:34 PM (8 days ago) to marie_barcomb, Alan, dbartz01, Dot, marsha, Deb, geneseechorale, Karen, bjgarigen, Lindsay, Joan, Janine, georgegrahamstone, teachstone, Charles, Sarah, nhoag, Merry, lojosings, janusmary, Keith, Kathy, jmichels, Jennifer, darrell, timanddi3, perlclan, Jessica, rmorenomon.rm, ccjeopardy03, Mark, segue.ops, Daniel, Denise, wooder007, Caryn, Eric, Doug It is with great excitement that the Genesee Chorale presents Eclipse: A Choral Experience.  Eclipse: A Choral Experience will be a concert based upon, and celebrating, the total solar eclipse that occurred on April 8, 2024. Music selections will include pieces written specifically about a solar eclipse, pieces about...