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Tarot Reading 101: with Mandee Hopkins

Join Mandee at GO ART! (each session is the same, you only need to sign up for one)

$25 (with your own set of tarot cards) or
$50 (includes a set of tarot cards), a set of tarot cards is required.

Registration required at or stop in at 201 East Main St.

FRIDAY Payment

Mandee will be doing 15 minute tarot card readings for the public the same evenings from 8:30 pm to 10 pm (no reservations needed).

About Mandee:
Mandee grew up in a family that embraced the esoteric arts and occult studies. She was taught how to use playing cards and tea leaves to divine the future before her tenth birthday. She received her first deck of tarot cards at age 13, and by 16 was giving readings to friends and family. She opened the Sacred Circle in Batavia in 2006 where she taught classes and provided readings to the public. She has since participated in numerous fairs and events as an intuitive tarot reader and currently offers those services both remotely and by appointment. She considers herself to be a perpetual student of metaphysics embracing practices of Hermetics, mysticism, manifestation, chaos magick, and various forms of divination. Her method for understanding the tarot combines numerology, sacred symbology, elemental and astrological correspondences with the powerful intuition that we all possess innately.

In Tarot Reading 101 you’ll learn how to give a basic tarot reading to either yourself or others. You’ll leave with an understanding of the meanings and interpretation of the cards themselves along with a working knowledge of how to use the tarot to awaken your own psychic intuition. The tarot is a timeless way to allow the flow of divine wisdom into your life and to utilize that guidance to illuminate your future path.