Rebecca Graham “Traditional Mixed Media in a Digital World”

Rita Mallison


Raised in a pre-digital era, I learned artistic concepts “hands-on” in art classes throughout grade school and high school. I began drawing in pencil and charcoal with my mother, who possessed above average artistic skills. We would draw together from instructional Walter Foster drawing books. My sophomore year in high school I impressed my family and classmates with a graphite rendering of a phantom view of a 1963 corvette in a Corvette book. I enjoyed drawing sports cars and eventually progressed to using color in illustrations. I completed an Associate degree in Graphic Art through Genesee Community College in 1987. Being busy with work and family for the past several decades has made it difficult for me to spend time on any artwork. Now, with more free time, I’ve gotten busy again exploring various subjects and media, from pet and family portraits to nature.

Artist Statement

My artwork consists of illustrations of various subjects done in a number of different media, but with the exclusion of digital art or photography. The subjects I choose have become meaningful either through first hand experiences including those with friends and family or via mass media including current events, and pop culture and music.