Linda Fix “Art is Timeless”

Linda Fix

Exhibition Dates: October 5, 2022 – November 23, 2022

Reception: October 20, 2022; 5-8pm


I am a retired RN and I have always loved art. I have worked with several different mediums, and substrates but I started with oil. My dad was a painter and back in the ’60s oil paint was pretty much all that was used. I loved drawing and painting with him. I stopped painting when I went off to college and concentrated on my nursing career. I didn’t come back to what I loved most until 20 years later. I love working with several mediums now, acrylic, watercolor, oil pencils, and alcohol ink.

Artist Statement

Art is timeless; it is like time travel, it can span the course of thousands of years in the past, or it can travel to an infinity in the future. Or it can just simply stand still and just ‘Be’.

My Alcohol ink and watercolor pieces reflect the timelessness of nature; vivid colors like the seasons of life, seasons that shift and slowly change.

My soft Pastel pieces are my interpretation of a different era; represented by John William Waterhouse, born in the 1800’s, a Pre-Raphaelite artist embracing  ancient Greek Mythology and Arthurian legend in his artwork.