We are pleased to announced that we will be holding a 2nd round of funding through the Statewide Community Regrant Program.

Application Period: Dec 26 - Feb 17

*Applicants are required to attend an SCR Informational Seminar prior to applying. Applicants who attended a seminar in 2022 or 2023 are exempt. See below to view and register for upcoming informational seminars

Statewide Community Regrant Program (SCR)

The Statewide Community Regrant Program was developed by the New York State Council on the Arts, in 1977, in response to a mandate by New York’s Legislature that there be a greater local involvement in funding decisions, affecting local non-profit organizations, offering artistic or cultural services and programs, and to ensure New York State’s cultural funding reached every part of the State. The program is funded statewide – in all 62 counties, and funds are regranted by local arts agencies through a transparent peer panel funding process. An organization or individual with a fiscal agent that meets NYSCA and GO ART! criteria may request regrant funds. Through the Statewide Community Regrant Program (SCR Program), GO ART!, NYSCA and the New York State Legislature hope to extend, upgrade and increase the arts and cultural programming in Genesee and Orleans Counties. The goal is to make state arts support available to geographically, economically, and ethnically diverse segments of the state’s population.

Peer Review Panel

Awards are based on a competitive peer panel review process. A panel composed of artists, arts administrators, and community members familiar with local arts and cultural activities, acting in accordance with NYSCA’s guidelines review each project on the basis of its own merits and against others in the application pool. To volunteer to sit on a panel or nominate a panelist please submit the form below.  

2024 SCR Program

The 2024 SCR applications will be accepted from December 26th through February 17th

Please review guidelines prior to completing application

There have been some changes to the applications for the 2024 cycle, please note that there are now separate applications for organizations, Individual artists with community partners and individual artists with fiscal sponsors.  If you are unsure which application to use, contact SCR coordinator for assistance. 

2024 SCR Informational Seminar Schedule

Workshop Date (please pick one)(Required)

SCR Grantee Resources

All marketing materials (including but not limited to social media, website, press releases, fliers, etc) for granted projects much include the proper accreditation which is as follows, “This project is made possible with funds from the Statewide Community Regrant Program, a regrant program of the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of the office of the Governor and the New York State Legislature and administered by GO ART!” Also must include the updated GO ART! logo which can be downloaded below

All grantees are required to complete a final report and budget no later than 30 days after conclusion of funded program.  Failure to complete final reports will impact future eligibility.

2023 Reach Grant Recipients

Orleans County

  •  Albion Merchant Association for Vette “Albion Summer Concert” – $4,768
  • Albion Merchant Association “Concerts on the Canal” – $5,000
  • Cobblestone Society & Museum “Cobblestone Museum Art Series 2023” – $5,000
  • Friends of Boxwood Cemetery “Boxwood at Night” – $4,160
  • Hoag Library “Hoag Music Series” – $5,000
  • Community Free Library for Howard Berry “Myron Holley Erie Canal Mural” – $5,000
  • Lee-Whedon Memorial Library “Finally Fridays! 2023” – $5,000
  • Lyndonville Lions Club “I Hear the Music” – $5,000
  • Orleans County Historical Association “Multidisciplinary Live History Event” – $5,000
  • Veronica Morgan ” I was a Hoggee on the Erie Canal” – $5,000
  • Village of Albion “Bridging the Village Music Series” – $5,000
  • Village of Holley “Concerts on the Canal” – $3,000
  • Yates Community Library “More Than Just Books” – $5,000

Genesee County

  • Hollwedel Memorial Library “Shake on the Lake Presents William Shakespeare” – $5,000
  • Batavia Business Improvement District “Jackson Square Concert Series” – $5,000
  • Batavia Concert Band “2023 Batavia Concert Band Summer Concert Series” – $3,231
  • Batavia Players, Inc “2023 Theater Season” – $5,000
  • Bergen Historical Society “Holiday Mural Panels” – $4,286
  • Bill & Kay McDonald “Homegrown Concert Series” – $5,000
  • Batavia Business Improvement District for Brian Kemp “Table Top Art Show” – $5,000
  • Byron-Bergen Public Library “Enriching Lives Through the Arts” – $4,954
  • Warrior House of WNY for David Burke “The Goose Community Center Indoor Mural” – $2,500
  • Elba Betterment Committee “EBC Presents Art Around Town (Again)” – $5,000
  • Friends of the Batavia Peace Garden “Artistic Interpretive Panels” – $5,000
  • Gillam-Grant Community Center “Community Art Adventure” – $4,849
  • Genesee Chorale, Inc “Genesee Choral 2023 Season” – $5,000
  • Genesee Symphony Orchestra “2023 Concert Series” – $5,000
  • GLOW OUT! “2023 Pride Fest” – $4,500
  • Haxton Memorial Library “Talented Tuesdays” – $5,000
  • St. Mark’s Episcopal Church for Heather Davis “Opera on the Oatka” – $1,500
  • Friends of the Batavia Peace Garden for Michelle Cryer “Batavia Water Storage Tank Mural” – $2,800
  • Oakfield Betterment Committee “Oakfield Labor Daze” – $5,000
  • St. Mark’s Episcopal Church “Music at St. Mark’s” – $2,970
  • Habitat for Humanity for Thera Sanchez “Batavia’s Gold Mural” $3,000
  • Warrior House of WNY “Learning Through Art” – $5,000
  • Batavia Players for William Peterson “Everyone Has a Story” – $5,000
  • Woodward Memorial Library “Art All Year” – $5,000

2023 Ripple Grant Recipients

Orleans County

Genesee County

  • Eric Weatherbee “The Humble Bard Presents” – $2,500
  • Eric Zwieg “Passenger: A Billion Little Pieces-Postmodern Reflections” – $2,500
  • David Burke “Harvester Center Hallway Mural” – $2,500
  • William Schutt “Connecting Hands Connecting Communities” – $2,5000
  • Joshua Lang “On Dreams” – $2,5000

2023 Spark Grant Recipients

Orleans County

Genesee County

  • Orleans County Chamber of Commerce for Patricia Greene “Art Experience for Seniors” – $5,000
  • Lyndonville Central School District for Judd Sunshine “Erie Canal Songwriting Project” – $3,300
  • Genesee County Youth Bureau “Re:Creation (Drawings of Nature)” – $3,200
  • Strength in Numbers Organization Inc. “Youth Music Program” – $5,000
  • Batavia Central School District for Linda Miranda Fix “#kindness, empathy & you Mural” – $5,000
  • Byron-Bergen Public Library for Laura Jackett “Art Workshops at the Libraries” – $5,000

2022 Reach Grant Recipients

Orleans County

Genesee County

Restart Regrant

The Restart NY Regrant Program was developed as part of an initiative to spur the revitalization of New York’s creative economy. The program is administered through a network of local and regional organizations through a transparent peer panel funding process and is available to artists and organizations in each of the state’s 62 counties. Organizations or individuals with a fiscal agent that meets NYSCA and GO ART! criteria may request regrant funds. Through the Restart NY Regrant Program, GO ART!, NYSCA and the New York State Legislature hope to provide immediate support to promote arts experiences that will fuel the reopening and recovery of performance organizations and groups. While the grants opportunities are prioritized for organizations and artists planning live performing arts projects, those planning projects and events that are open to and engage public participation and audiences in Genesee and/or Orleans counties. The deadline for this grant passed.

2022 Restart NY Grant Recipients

The Statewide Community Regrant Program is made possible by the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of the Office of the Governor and the New York State Legislature.