Help us celebrate this year’s Genean Award winners on Saturday May 4th at 6pm at GO ART!

This year's "Genean Awards" winners are...

Organization of the Year————————————————————–


Supporter (of the cultural sector) of the Year———————————–


Individual Artist of the Year———————————————————–


Volunteer(s) of the Year—————————————————————–


Lifetime Achievement——————————————————————-

Dance Theater (Mr. Brandon Johnson)


Eden Cafe (Judy Hysek)


Mary Jo Whitman


The Beatty Bro’s


The Batavia Concert Band

Why “Genean” you ask?

Well, simply put, we decided that we needed to have our own unique awards (like the Oscars or Tony awards) for GENesee and OrlEANs counties, to recognize a few of the amazing people and organizations we have within our counties.

So there you have it! Genean it is!