Eian Windham Memorial Gallery

GO ART! wishes to inform the public that it is raising funds for a new elevator and gallery space memorializing the talent of Eian Windham, a young photographer who sadly passed away in February of 2018 at the age of 16. Windham’s work was previously displayed in the Batavia Rotary Club Gallery at GO ART! in December of 2017, in the exhibit titled, “Psychedelic Through Life”. 

Eian started photography at the age of 15, after he was diagnosed with bone cancer in his leg. Despite his late start and health challenges, the teenager displayed a powerful talent for his work, producing many moving pieces in his last year with us.  Eian felt a deep connection to nature, and sought to capture those moments with his photos. On display at GO ART! were photos he had taken on his Make a Wish adventure in the jungles of Jamaica and his trip to Tennessee to see the once in a lifetime lunar eclipse in August of 2017. 

During his original exhibition, Eian refused any help in ascending the stairs to the Batavia Rotary Club Gallery located on the second floor, despite his weakened legs. Looking around you could only note how powerful of a mfoment it was; someone with so many obstacles being thrown at him, still having the determination to succeed. GO ART! wishes to both honor Eian’s talent and his determination by making the Batavia Rotary Club Gallery along with all the other second floor programming spaces more accessible to those with limited mobility by memorializing him with a permanent gallery within the new elevator.

The gallery will be named the Eian Windham Gallery and have an eclipse theme. Eian’s lunar eclipse pieces will be on permanent display within, with additional pieces of his on the exterior. Though the eclipse in April is solar and not lunar one cannot still help but think of Eian and his love of nature and the beauty it provides.

$300,000 is left to be raised for the $450,000 elevator project. Please consider donating. For more information, please contact Gregory Hallock at 585-343-9313 or ghallock@goart.org. To donate, visit us or send a check to 201 East Main Street, Batavia. All donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.