Ed Hallborg: Quiet Buildings


Drawing from a wide breadth of experiences and influences, Ed Hallborg’s “cement paintings” or “cement friezes” combine multiple disciplines into a unique form of wall art. The inspiration for this unusual art form comes from his work in the building trades while he was living in the Southwest United States. In terms simplest terms, it is similar to the application of stucco. A dimensional understructure is created onto which a slurry of various cements and adhesives are brushed, dripped or poured for effect. Each work is part of an ongoing experiment in creating rugged but evocative art. A finished composition combines elements of sculpture, painting, model making and design. Ed and his wife Amy live in Wyoming County, NY. He currently teaches and serves as the Scenic and Lighting Designer for the theatre program at Hobart and William Smith College.

Artist Statement

“Quiet Buildings” Some of Hallborg’s latest work, entitled “Quiet Buildings” is a series of apparently desolate cityscapes in which the viewer is asked to question when, why and how. Are these derelicts of the past, a snapshot of life during a pandemic or a warning for the future?