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“What is Our Story?”

Choose a photo by number, and write your own story!  Submissions will be reviewed by the GO Art! staff, and there’s a chance that yours will be published on our website!

BAA Gallery Submission

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Portrait 7 - Our love was never allowed. We were kept in secret. Late nights staring at the stars while the snores from the villagers kept us sane. Never able to relax or let our guard down. Eventually we turned 18 and had to marry. We knew we could never truly be together but it was more heartbreaking than we could ever imagine. We had arranged marriages. We were torn apart. We didn’t hear from each other for two more decades. We met again at our funerals. Killed for our love. Yet we’re together now. Finally. ~Anna B.

Portrait 8

Portrait 9 - Martin "Bud" Salway was born in Batavia. In high school he was known for how great of a swimmer he was. He first learned to swim during summers spent at Godfrey's pond.  After high school he worked at the Atlantic gas station located where the Golden Coin is currently. He ended up becoming the owner of station.  In 1943 he married his long time love and soon after sold the station and went to Texas to join the Air Force. Soon after he co-piloted a B-52 over to England to join the war effort only to crash into a mountain in Scotland.  R.I.P. uncle Bud!! ~Russ S. 

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